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Private Training Policies

We have the following guidelines in place for everyone’s safety. Refusal to follow these rules may result in termination of services without refund, make-up, or transfer. These rules may change without notice at any time.

  • You must cancel your appointment if you or anyone in your household has received positive test results.

Canine Vaccinations

For the safety and protection of our staff and staff dogs, we cannot complete your consultation without a vaccination certificate from a veterinarian. Vaccinations that are administered by anyone other than a veterinarian will not be accepted. Please provide a scan or photograph by email to before your consultation. Be sure that the full certificate is visible. Required vaccinations are as follows:

  • For puppies under 6 months, a minimum of two DHPP shots are required. Rabies vaccines are not required.
  • For puppies and dogs over 6 months, DHPP and Rabies vaccinations must be current.


Please do not feed your dog for at least 4 hours prior to the consultation. If necessary to settle their stomach, feed them a small portion of their meal before class. We strongly recommend providing them with a delicious stuffed toy to occupy them while we talk during the consultation (such as a KONG stuffed with wet food/peanut butter, a bully stick, etc.).

Please prepare a generous amount of small pieces of food for your dog prior to the consultation (small pieces of hot dog, chicken, cheese, or other soft food work best). These will be used during the training portion of the consultation. You may also wish to gather their favourite toys.

We do recommend that all adults in the household are present for the first consultation. Children are welcome in the first session, but you may find it easier to learn from your trainer if you don’t need to divide your attention between them and your pet. Many parents find it easiest to bring the children to the second consultation, or to bring them into the room partway through the first consultation. The choice is yours! If you are booking a consultation for a fear or aggression issue, you will need to have a second adult present to supervise younger children so that you can focus on your pet.

Bite History

If your dog has bitten a person with puncture, they must be wearing a basket muzzle for the consultation. You can use this bite scale to determine the severity of your dog’s bite (a puncture would be classified as level three or higher). If they have displayed aggression toward people but have not bitten, we strongly advise the use of a muzzle for the consultation. Your trainer may request a muzzle be used at their discretion. If your dog is not wearing a muzzle when the trainer arrives, they reserve the right to cancel the consultation without notice.


All sales of training packages are final. The full package must be used within 4 months of the date of purchase.

When you book your appointment, that time is being set aside solely for your lesson and cannot be booked by anyone else. For this reason, please allow us 72 hours’ notice if you need to reschedule your lesson so that we have the opportunity to fill the spot. Cancellations made with less than 72 hours’ notice will be subject to a cancellation fee as we are unable to fill the spot on short notice. The following cancellation fees will apply (fees are subject to change without notice):

  • No-show (within two hours of the appointment): The lesson will be deducted from your package and considered used
  • Last-minute (8:00 PM the day before the appointment up to two hours before the appointment): $40.00
  • Advanced notice (72 hours up to 8:00 PM the day before the appointment): $20.00

Your trainer will do their best to be at your home at the scheduled time. However, traffic conditions, extreme weather, or unclear directions may result in your trainer being late. As we are unable to call you while driving, please feel free to call us at 780-474-4711 to get in touch with the trainer.

In case of unforeseen emergencies on our end, we will do our best to replace your trainer. If we’re unable to do so, we will contact you as early as possible by both phone and email to let you know of the cancellation.

We reserve the right to change the location or method of service as we feel is necessary for safety, best results, or as required by law. We have a zero tolerance policy towards abusive or harassing behaviour of any kind, and reserve the right to cancel the remainder of any training package without refund in the event of abusive or harassing behaviour, or of refusal to follow safety instructions intended to keep trainers, students, dogs, and members of the public safe.


  1. I understand and agree that Good Boy Dog Training (GBDT) and its employees shall not be held liable for claims or costs for injury to or loss of any animal or person, or damage to or loss of any property, or reduction or loss of income as a result of the behaviour or handling of my pet. I and any person(s) attending private training sessions with me will follow all policies set forth in this and any other document presented regarding training by Good Boy Dog Training in order to ensure the health and safety of my pet, my family and myself.
  2. I understand and acknowledge that dogs can be unpredictable and there is an inherent risk of injury when interacting with them, regardless of the size or breed of the dog. I confirm that my dog has no history of biting with puncture, or if they do they are wearing a basket muzzle during training sessions. I understand that if I have misrepresented my dog’s bite history, I will be excused from training sessions without refund, make-up, or transfer.
  3. I confirm that all animals in the home have all current vaccinations as detailed in the Private Training Policies, and that those vaccinations have been completed by a veterinarian. I understand that if I have misrepresented my dog’s vaccination status, I will be excused from training sessions without refund, make-up, or transfer.
  4. I confirm that my dog does not have any infectious or transmittable illnesses or parasites. If it comes to my attention that my dog has contracted an infectious or transmittable illness or parasite, I understand that it is my responsibility to inform Good Boy Dog Training immediately so that training sessions can be rescheduled if needed.
  5. I understand that the trainer’s instructions are there to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and success of my pet, myself, and members of the public. I agree that I will follow all policies laid out in documents and instructions provided by Good Boy Dog Training, without substitution or modification, and I understand that disregarding instructions from the trainer may result in being excused from training sessions without refund, make-up, or transfer.
  6. I understand that any training offered by Good Boy Dog Training will not result in a completely trained pet. I understand that behaviour results in any animal cannot be guaranteed, and that some behaviours may require ongoing management by me for the life of my pet. I understand that continued training at home is critical to the success of my pet.
  7. I understand that registering for training subscribes me to Good Boy Dog Training’s mailing list, and I can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time if I wish to stop receiving offers.
  8. I understand that all persons attending the sessions will be bound by the terms in this document.