Clickers are a training tool people often enjoy using in our classes and private training sessions. Clickers make a sharp “click” sound that is used to capture the moment your dog does something correctly, and can make communication during training clearer for your dog. They are not required equipment, but may be helpful for you while you work with your dog. We carry both soft clickers (ideal for sensitive dogs or people who may struggle to push an indented button) and box clickers in a variety of colours.

Purchase one alongside your group class or private training package and we will give it to you in person during your first class or private training lesson.

*Please note that these are not available to be shipped. If you would like one but aren’t a student, please contact us to arrange to pick it up at one of our group training classes in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Soft Clicker, Box Clicker


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red