Confident Canines


This class is for shy, fearful dogs that need help building their confidence in an overwhelming world. During this class, we’ll focus on confidence-building exercises around new people, dogs, places, sounds, and experiences. We’ll show you how to navigate fearful behaviours in your dog, and help you develop plans specific to your dog’s needs. This class is not appropriate for dogs that bark or have extremely intense fear. If you’re experiencing those issues, you may need private lessons instead.

Please note that the first week of class is an information and demonstration session – please do not bring your dog to the first week. In order for all attendees to be properly prepared to have their dogs in class, attendance in the first week is mandatory.

  • If your dog has bitten another dog or human with punctures, they must have attended a private training session with us and been approved for this class before registering.
  • Age requirements: Open to dogs six months or older at the start of class.
  • Vaccination requirements: DHPP and Rabies vaccinations must be up to date. Bordatella vaccinations are recommended but not required.
  • Length: Six weeks (one hour per week). Any breaks for holidays are noted for individual classes.

Please make sure you review our class policies before registering, including information on what to bring to class and cancellation policies.

Upcoming Classes

  • None scheduled – Check back soon!
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