Good Boy Street Smarts


In this one night class, we’ll be helping you polish up your dog’s outdoor skills to a sparkling finish! From walking politely on a busy sidewalk to keeping their cool during greetings to waiting patiently at a corner, we’ll target the skills your dog needs to work on. This class is ideal for dogs that have completed some basic training but are struggling to apply their skills in public.

Prerequisites: This class is open to dogs of all ages. Puppies are welcome provided they have completed all puppy vaccinations and the rabies vaccination. Dogs should have some basic obedience skills before attending this class (these skills do not have to be learned to a high level, but we will not have time to teach them from the scratch in class).

This class is not suitable for dogs who bark excessively at other dogs, are aggressive towards humans or other dogs, or are fearful/anxious. We would be happy to help you with these issues in a private training session!

Select the date and time of the class you want to join from the drop-down menu below. The locations of each class are noted when you select a date from the menu.

Please click here to see our full class policies, including information on what to bring to class and required vaccinations.

In addition to the requirements listed in the link above, for outdoor classes we recommend bringing sun screen, bug spray, appropriate clothing/footwear, and water for yourself.


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