Jumpers Anonymous


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This six-week class is for those dogs and puppies that just can’t seem to keep their feet on the floor and their tongues off your face. Your dog will learn how to say hello to you and other people politely, no matter how thrilled they are to see you (even though it’s only been five minutes since you left…)!

If you need to work on this issue but can’t commit to a six-week class, check out the Paws Off Clinic, where we give you the run-down in 1.5 hours.

There is no prerequisite for this class. It’s recommended that dogs be 6 months or older at the start of the class. Puppies should attend Puppy Prep School┬áif possible, which will cover this issue.

Please click here to see our full class policies, including information on what to bring to class and required vaccinations.

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