Private Training (Additional Sessions)


Please use this page to book a one hour follow-up session with your trainer. If you have not yet seen one of our trainers, please select one of the Private Training packages to begin working with us.

You will be asked to provide information about your dog at checkout. When asked to explain the issues you’re having with your dog, please instead enter the name of the trainer you would like to work with. If there are any new issues that you’d like to work on, please enter them there as well (if these new issues are fear or aggression, please contact us before booking).

We will contact you to book your sessions after your order is received. You can indicate your general availability for sessions at checkout.

If you live more than 30KM from Edmonton’s centre, additional mileage fees may apply (Stony Plain and Leduc are exempt from mileage fees). These will be calculated after registration.

If you have a coupon code, please make sure the discount has been applied before completing the transaction.