Puppy Boot Camp – Lucky Donkey Indoor Dog Park – Monday, September 11th


Date: Monday, September 11th (class runs every Monday for six weeks, except for October 9th – last class is on October 23rd)

Time: 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Location: Class will be held indoors at the Lucky Donkey (10417 – 79 Avenue). There is ample parking available.

Age requirements: Open to puppies from 4-6 months old at the start of the class.


This class is for older puppies who have not attended Puppy Prep School. The class focuses on catching your puppy up on important socialization experiences, including off leash play and interactions with people. Puppies of this age are often very rowdy or quite timid if they have not yet had the experience of playing in a group of dogs or spending time in public, and so play time will be carefully supervised as they learn to navigate social situations. Basic obedience cues will be introduced as well, including recall, sit, down, stay, and leash walking. Your trainers will work with you to address common issues found in puppies of this age.

Please click here to see our full class policies, including information on what to bring to class and required vaccinations.

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