Tug Toys


We are making these toys to help our business get through the unexpected isolation period of the COVID-19 pandemic. These toys will be made by us and will be available for pick-up at one of our facilities after the government recommendations to self-isolate have been lifted (don’t worry, we’re not sick, just limiting our contact!). Limited delivery in Edmonton may be available. Should you wish to help support us but don’t need a tug, please type DONATE in the dog’s name field at checkout, and we will make sure it gets to a local rescue. We appreciate your help in keeping our small business afloat while we all ride out the storm!

Fleece tug toys are a fantastic alternative to rope toys. They’re softer on your hands and on your dog’s mouth! Use them as a training reward, or simply have some fun bonding time with your dog. Any tug toy should be played with interactively and with supervision, and put away afterward to prevent destructive behaviour.

Short toys are approximately one foot long, and regular toys are 1.5 to two feet long. Toys for small dogs are approximately one inch in diameter, and toys for large dogs are 1.5 to two inches in diameter. We have a variety of colours available and will mix and match.

*Our checkout screen is meant for training services, so asks for some unnecessary information about your dog. Feel free to make us laugh with fake dog information – and remember, if you want the tug toy donated to a rescue, make your dog’s name DONATE!

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