Zoom Groom

Regular grooming is important for your dog’s health, but it’s easy to let it slide sometimes due to busy schedules, stress, difficulty with your dog, or simply not realizing the importance of it. We’re here to help! In these free 20-30 minute Zoom Grooms, we’ll be grooming our dogs through video chat, and you can pull up a seat with your dog and groom alongside us. We may work on specific grooming needs, or grooming-related training, but you can work on whatever your dog needs at your own pace. We may chat about various training topics, grooming topics, or not much of anything – the focus is simply on getting grooming done!

These sessions will be held live on Facebook, where you can ask questions in the chat. You will not be on camera. These sessions are pay-what-you-can, even if that’s $0.00!

Want to contribute? You can do so at this link.

Want to just show up to watch? Like our Facebook page to be notified of the video the day of.

Why is regular grooming important?
  • Long nails are painful for your dog to walk on
  • Tangles and mats pull at dogs’ skin and trap dirt and parasites
  • Teeth build up plaque, leading to bad breath, infection, and extractions
  • You get the opportunity to bond with your dog and check them for lumps and bumps that would otherwise go unnoticed
  • An uncomfortable dog is a cranky dog! Many behaviour problems can be traced back to grooming issues