Laura & Hatchet

My name is Hatchet! Mumma says I have two speeds: asleep and go go go! My favorite things are running, sniffing, jumping, and going to school.

I luv Jenn; when I see her I get so excited I can barely keep my butt on the ground. But I know I have to sit in order to get her attention. She helps Mumma with the hard work part of school where I get to have fun!┬áThe humans use words like ‘deference’ and ‘obedience’ – how boring!! I like it better when Mumma says sit, stay, here, ramp, tunnel, jump, together and a bunch other weird human words she’s named the tricks I’ve learned. When she says these words it means I get pets, attention, a tug or treats!

I’m really cute but Jenn doesn’t let me get away with NOTHIN! She has high expectations but sets me and Mumma up for success – her classes are structured with clear objectives she is prepared and organized and engages with students (two and four legged) in different ways of learning. She’s suuuuper patient! By the end of our sessions classes feel like we are one big pack (Mumma says that’s relationship building).┬áJenn keeps us on track with homework (she notices if we don’t) and remembers to keep things light – Mumma and me have lots of laughs!

By the time school is over I’m passed out in the backseat of the car while Mumma is driving home. You should take Jenn’s classes! She’s more amazing than tuna-fudge (and that’s saying A LOT)!