We offer group training classes for both adult dogs and puppies as well as private training in your own home. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to receive focused one on one attention from your trainers and top-notch training. Please take a look at What We Do for information on training methods and our promises to your dog.

Group Classes

Group classes are ideal for dogs who need general obedience training or puppies in need of socialization. Dogs of any age can attend our classes (puppies and adult dogs will be in separate classes). All of our classes are limited to six participants and include two trainers to ensure that you get as much hands-on support as possible! All classes run for six weeks for one hour per week. We’re pleased to offer both day time and evening classes. Please see our Group Classes page for more information on classes and schedules.

*General obedience classes are not suitable for dogs who have any fear, aggression, high anxiety, or reactivity issues directed toward either people or other dogs. Reactive dogs are welcome in our Barkers Anonymous class. For fear, aggression, and anxiety, we can better assist you and your dog in our Private Training or Day Training sessions.*

Private Training
Private sessions are held in your home with you present. These sessions include information and counselling from a trainer as well as hands-on work with the trainer. These sessions are ideal for dogs who are experiencing fear or aggression issues. You may also prefer this option if you’d like to work on obedience but are unable to commit to a class schedule, or if you simply prefer to learn in a quiet, familiar environment. Please see our Private Training page for more information on scheduling and pricing.
Day Training
We’re pleased to be able to offer day training sessions for your dog in the familiar environment of your home. With day training, your trainer will initially hold a private session with you and your dog in your home. Following that, further sessions will be scheduled and the trainer will work with your dog in your home while you are at work or out of the home for the day (you may also be present if you wish). These sessions are ideal for busy professionals and families without the time to devote to training. These sessions offer your pet the most hands-on work possible with our experienced trainers. Once the training has been completed, we will schedule a further two sessions with you to ensure that you understand all training that has been done and that you can move forward with your dog. Please see our Day Training page for more information on scheduling and packages.