We train your pet using up-to-date, scientifically sound training methods. We’re committed to using ethical and humane training practices at all times.

Our training is focused on building good habits in your dog through repetition and thoughtful increases in difficulty. By doing this, we can easily replace unwanted behaviours with new behaviours that you want to see in your pet. We can teach anything from a sit to a back flip using these methods!

We address fear and aggression issues primarily using desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques. These techniques address the emotions that are driving unwanted and often dangerous behaviours such as biting. We will always be taking your dog’s comfort level into account as we work with them. Our training will not hurt or scare your dog, and we will not use any methods that are known to have negative behavioural side effects.

We bring a thorough understanding of canine behaviour and behaviour analysis with us to every session and we will explain as much or as little about your dog’s behaviour and our techniques as you want to know. If at any point you are confused or uncertain about a technique, your consultant will be happy to explain it to you in detail. It is our goal that you leave every session with us with the knowledge you need to move forward with your pet.